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Why didn't anyone tell me, when I was taking C++ in college, or when I was taking teeny gigaPets apart in high school, that this AWESOME STUFF was out here in the world? I'm almost ... well my age isn't important  :smiley-roll-blue: but I can't beleive it has taken this long for my interests to sync up this way....
But seriously I just went to a workshop for Non-arduino-savvy-people and this looks like SO MUCH FUN!

I can't wait to go shopping  :smiley-mr-green:


If you were taking Giga Pets apart in HS, then you aren't that old, sonny. :)

But welcome to the forum!
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If you were old Arduino didn't exist when you were in high school. But I know how you feel  :)
Welcome to arduino.
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I'm glad someone noticed I dated myself with the GigaPets comment... But I'm no "sonny", Sonny! :smiley-mr-green:

Definitely a Lassy here, but don't hold it against me!  ;)

I have been designing and assembling jewelry for over ten years... Soldering seems like a natural progression (as does ooohh blinky lights!)


Keigh, got to say, coming from a programming background to the physical hardware world via Arduino has really peaked my interest as well. Some wickedly cool projects being done out there. Just wish I knew more about the electronics side of things. I'm patient though, I plan to learn it as best I can at my age... I have no idea what GigaPets are, I was at school before FM radio was big and all languages were procedural :)

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