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They sell cinch block jumpers....


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If i follow what you are wanting to do, I would recommend a 2-pole 60A breaker in your main panel. Appropriately sized wire to the desired location, terminated in a load center. Similar to this, but you'll need a total of 6 spaces http://www.grainger.com/Grainger/SQUARE-D-Homeline-174-Load-Center-1D512
Install properly sized breakers to feed each load. This will properly protect your equipment. The problem with just a distribution block is if one piece of equipment were to short or draw excess current, it would need to draw enough to trip the 60A breaker protecting all of it, each component could now be protected with an individual breaker. Do not install the neutral bonding screw in the load center. From the load center you could then use a 15A breaker with 14awg THHN to your power supply, and so on. Everything stays protected, you stay within code.


a_m, that makes great sense. I think i would smell it if one of the pumps was drawing 60 amps, but this looks to be a much better solution to distributing power, while preventing massive current draws. Thank you.

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