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I'm in the Seattle area, and am wondering if there's any interest in a workshop / hackfest here? Either an Arduino 101 session, or getting folks together for a hacking session...maybe with flash talks, etc.

Anybody? I know there some robotics folks around here, at at least one person playing with a RepRap...


I would be up for a workshop / hackfest.  I'm an EE / CSE student at UW and I think there would be a lot of interest from undergrads who want to get into microcontrollers.  Also, the DXArts (digital arts) department uses Arduino for all their mechatronic art/courses, so we may be able to get some experienced people to give talks.


That would be slick if some of the experienced folks could do a talk. Given the Arduino activity on campus, perhaps somebody from the UW would sponsor the event so we could use campus facilities.

I'm totally strapped for time these days (kids, job, etc)...no way I could organize something like this. Any suggestions on how to stir up somebody to run things? Sounds like there is fertile ground for an event...


I would organize myself but I'm afraid I don't have enough time.  I'll ask around.


Chiming in to register interest - I'm just getting started, I don't have anything to show or share but am interested to see what others in the area are doing with Arduino.


Cool, glad to see at least one other face around here.  :-)


Hi, I help organize the Seattle Interaction Design Association (software user interface designers, mostly) events, and I'd be really interested in putting together an event on hardware hacking.

If there's anyone here who'd be interested in speaking or helping run a workshop, chime in here!


There is an intorductory Arduino workshop/hackfest happening at Saturday House (hosted by Giraffe labs). I am not sure of the current status but it is being organized on their google group:http://groups.google.com/group/saturdayhouse

I am teaching a workshoop at 911 Media Arts starting in November:http://www.911media.org/workshops/arduino.pl

I am also interested in meeting up informally with anyone in Seattle who is messing around with Arduinos.


It would be nice of Maker-Fair would have a fair here.

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