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Hi there!

I'm not sure of all the right terms related to what I'm looking for, please excuse me.

I'm trying to measure the strain, tension, or compression between two points. It could even be the distance. The idea is to determine how much the spring of a shock in an RC car is compressed. For example: When the car is sitting, not moving, the resistance of the sensor could be infinite. If you push down on top of the car, the resistance drops measurably.

What's the best approach for something like this? Is it possible?

Many thanks!


You could measure the acceleration Remember F = m * a ? 

for 3 dimensions  check - http://www.sparkfun.com/products/9269 - It might do the trick .

Sparkfun has quite a range of sensors so you might just browse there for inspiration
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Hey, excellent idea! Thanks for the link. :) This will probably do the trick!


Acceleration doesn't give any static information, only dynamic.
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