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Hi I am definitely interested in a group meeting. I am in the south lakes so pretty central to where everyone seems to be from.
I am a complete newbie to programming but just managed to alter the debounce program in 'getting started' to switch between leds so am feeling good about myself!
I was hoping to get to Newcastle but it looks like its not possible now, so could you keep us informed of any decisions made!



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We are definitely going to have a meeting on the Saturday evening of the 14th March. A room above a restaurant is being booked. Further details here or from my stand at the Maker Fair.

P.S. My wife says "why do they spell fair with a superfluous 'e' on the end"


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You wife would be right to ask.  My best guess is they couldn't decide between fair and fayre and decided to meet in the middle.

A few posts ago you asked if anyone was available to help on the stall.  I would be willing to help out for a few hours if needed.  I have almost zero experience but I'm willing to bring my naive and misinformed enthusiasm.

They've now got details up for the stalls: http://makerfaire.com/newcastle/2009/makers/
You site actually looks more professional than the site for the "2009 Fighting Robots UK Featherweight Championships"
Check the url for this page though: http://www.thebox.myzen.co.uk/Hardware/Arduino_Sheld.html


I would be willing to help out for a few hours if needed.

Thanks for the offer. I have done these sorts of shows many times before and the one problem is that I never seem to get the time to look round myself.

Thanks for the link update. I spent last weekend putting some LEDs along side each bar on the Glockenspiel so it's a bit more visual. I have also been doing some more work in getting different tunes on it so as not to drive near by stall holders too mad.

Plus there is my new surprise project that is not on the web yet. It looks like there will be enough of that working to make it worth showing. I hope to post a video of it the day before the show.

Check the url for this page though: http://www.thebox.myzen.co.uk/Hardware/Arduino_Sheld.html

Well the URL works for me even if I can't spell Shield


I'll find you during the morning and we can discuss when you would need some help.

With regards to the shield page it works fine for me as well.  I just wanted to make you aware of the typo.


Fair is over and done. I have posted some 3D pictures of some of it at :-

Red / green glasses to see the 3D ness of them.

Thanks for your help on the day streety it was a good show.  :)


You're welcome.  I enjoyed the day and it was nice to see so many groups using Arduino.

I hope Sunday went equally well.


Hi all
Did the meeting happen at Newcastle?
Was anything decided?
Are there enough interested parties to form a workshop?

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