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I would be interested in a NE England meetup.  I'm currently in Edinburgh but I'm happy to travel to Carlisle, Newcastle or anywhere in the same area.

I have very little experience with electronics and have only just started playing around with Arduino but I'm looking forward to learning more.

The maker faire looks very interesting.  Definitely worth at least a day.  If I could meet a few people from here it would be even better.


Just got confirmation that my application to exhibit at the Newcastle Maker Fair (why do they spell it faire?) has been accepted so I will be there showing my stuff.

I also hope to join with a few others and have a first meeting of the "North of England Arduino Group" on the Saturday night after the first day.

The plan is to give out flyers at the show and see who turns up. So if you are interested in going, make it the Saturday rather than the Sunday so you can attend both events.

If you want to help out on the stall give me a shout.

See you there.


My UK101 exhibit has also been accepted at the Maker Faire!  The PAT testing this sounds a bit onerous, though.  That, and/or expensive.


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My UK101 exhibit has also been accepted at the Maker Faire!

Great  :)
Look forward to seeing you there.

The PAT testing this sounds a bit onerous

I did ask them about that and if they were going to have an "on site testing" or "PAT Police" and they said they would get back.
In essence PAT testing is quick and simple to do and shouldn't carry much of a charge. I am trying to get most of my stuff tested at work by saying I bring it in to use sometime.

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