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Hope you got your furnace fixed. Used to work on them for a living. Work for a manufacturer now. I know how much of a bind that can put you in. Can be expensive too.


Furnace is fixed.. parts to the tune of almost a thousand dollars.  Thank goodness the labor was free.. my buddy is an HVAC mechanic, and done many favors for him over the years.  I'll mess with just about anything mechanical or electrical- but Gas gives me the screaming heebie jeebies.  Leave that level of dangerousness to the pros.

I should have a drawing test with the cnc table done later this afternoon....
When the testing is complete there will be... cake.


Wow,  how much did you end up replacing?
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Wow, you could nearly replace the whole furnace for that price.


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LOL... You haven't purchased a furnace recently then!   We have about five years left on this beast, according to my buddy, the repairs and replacements should hold it together that long.   Replacing a furnace is more in the range of three to five thousand dollars.... without labor. (and that is if we keep it standard gas.  It's been my hope to replace with a heat pump, but that would be nearly twice the cost.
When the testing is complete there will be... cake.

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