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I need a step motor controller for ULN2004. Sure I could use 4 pins to control one ULN2004 but I am sure there is a way to limit that to just two pins per the IC - namely STEP and DIR

what would be the best IC for this purpose in your opinion??
I know I know - you need to know if I want to do microstepping with it... half step seems pretty standard IMO but I don't necessarilly need 1/4, 1/8 etc


You might look at the topic under this heading - Arduino as Stepper Controller. http://arduino.cc/forum/index.php/topic,84809.0.html

Can do Full Step, Wave Step and Half Step.

Without optimizing it will accept Step pulses at greate than 1000 steps per second. (I have tested it to 146 RPM ) The speed limit for now is the fact that my pulse source is only capable of going that fast at the present time. If I change the clock on the ATtiny2313 I should be able to double that with nothing else required. If I can get my assembly code to work it should be able to go faster than the motor.


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thx I came across you thread today and it seems like a great idea - at least it's slightly cheaper than l297

though maybe l297 is a bit easier to implement


I don't know of any other chips comparable to the L297 but at ~$9 for the chip I would be inclined to go for an Easydriver or Pololu 4988 for <$15 and have a ready to run, compact driver.


you know what - you're right - no need to reinvent the wheel...

a complete board costs more less as much as L297 + ULN2004 + PCB and a bunch of other parts needed

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