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I made the sensors using plaster of Paris.
They are inherently unreliable.


I am not having luck with these sensors that i am making.

i think i am gonna just bite the bullet and buy the vegetronix one

My question is... Which model do i buy?

There is a high, and a low frequency one. 



I think the vg400 is the right one.

Almost $50 with shipping. Ugh!
Didnt order yet.

If I buy just 1 and put it in only 1 zone of my yard, can I (with code)
1) have that zone turn on until saturated and then the sensor says turn off.
2) use the length of time that that cycle took (will change day by day) and run zone 2 and then  3 for identical times in succession ??

Can this be done??..


Yes, if you can convince yourself that the multiple areas have similar enough characteristics (drainage, shade, slope etc). You could also put in some weighting to account for these differences, if you can decide on a weight.


Ok, after much thought, I think I am not going to use the moisture sensor afterall . Mostly because of cost but also because i have visions of a backyard party and sprinklers kicking on. Haha.

So I will prob try some variation of the open spRinkler project.

My ?? Now is... Does anyone know of a way that I can tap into a NOAA feed to tell my controller not to turn on if rain is in the forecast.

I think that there are products on the marketthat do this.

Thanks for any knowledge!


Does anyone know if this is possible?

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