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Hi friends, if this is not the place to ask this question excuse me.

First of all I am new to arduino. I am planning to make panoramic tripod head (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Panoramic_tripod_head) and I was searching in internet for a suitable controller and I came to know about arduino. I like self programmable feature. So my problem is I don't know which board I have to select for my project. I have to connect these things to the board
1.      two unipolar stepper motors
2.      one 2X16 LCD display
3.      one 2X2 key pad
4.      one out pin to connect to a IR LED ( To trigger the camera, my camera is supported a remote controller)
5.      two home-position sensors (To Initialize/home-position the panoramic tripod head )
So please help me to find out a correct board.

Thanks in advance for all suggestions and inputs


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just for the same purpose I began with the standard board then switched to a Arduino Nano (just to get a smaller footprint), two easydriver stepper controller, two bipolar steppers, serial LCD 4x20 and a Wii Nunchuck, no sensors for end/limit position, I trigger the cam via a cannibalized wired remote cable



i was thinking about something similar, and i figured out that to have a good mechanic is the most important part. the rest should be easy. so i would start with a concept for a very precise turning head.


one well documented approach you can see here

you could pimp the NXT-motors to run with Arduino as they use SPI
(just google SPI NXT)

a worm/spur gear is imho a good solution


very good idea for a mechanic. i was thinking much more complicated. puts my idea closer to reach so that there is no excuse anymore not to do it :)



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sorry sync, but this way the npp (no parallax point, see http://wiki.panotools.org/No-parallax_point) does not stay in one place and thus creates parallax!

this is not a problem as long there are no objects near to the camera but it not fitted to do 360 by 180 (or Full Spherical, see: http://wiki.panotools.org/Panorama_formats) panoramas.


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