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With the help of a friend, also into Arduinos, I'm finally able to pose a question that I hope has already been asked before. But I may just have not been fortunate (skilled) enough to locate it. So here goes...
Is is possible to have multiple versions of the Arduino IDE installed on a single Win Tel XP (or other release) by specifying a different path to each one during the installation process?
I'm currently using 022 and would like to get my toes wet with 1.0 without sacrificing the old IDE (It works for me!)
It would be ideal if they could both be started at the same time in different windows so I could ALT-TAB between them. Barring that I would like to be able to at least run one or the other (one at a time).
Please let me know or direct me to some URL where I may inform myself.


Not sure about xp, because I don't use old, outdated os's, but yes, I've run 3 copies of 0023, and 3 copies of 1.0 (don't ask) at the exact same time in windows 7, and they all work fine.


I have 0022 and 1.0 on my XP Pro PC with no problem and can each of them (one at a time) if I need to. On my Vista machine its OK as well.
I found that sketches created on 0022 would not be 'seen' by 1.0. I need to play around with the reason why, but someone else might chip in, maybe where the sketches are stored by default (in 'my douments\arduino') may have changed, but I haven't spent time finding out why.



You should be able to change the sketch file location under "File - Preferences". Use a common folder. That is what I do with Linux.

You will be able to see V0022 sketches from the V1.0 IDE, but not the other way around. V1.0 can work with either file extension.


Thank everyone, that is very re-assuring. I have no interest in sharing sketches across multiple IDE versions. If I need to use one in another IDE, I'll cut and paste it into required folder using the corrct file extension.
It would be nice if different versions of the IDE used a different (or user selectable at startup) background color to give visual clues later as to which IDE version is the active window.
I guess the next questions would be...
Can each IDE interact with its own Arduino board defined to be on different virtual COM ports? Can they be interacted with (from the PC) in an A then B fashion (one at a time). Do they need to be different board models, say an Uno vs a Mega vs ... etc?


Should be able to work with more than 1 board. They should each have their own COM # assigned, order they are connected may make a difference though...

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