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Hackspace Hack Evening #10
Thursday July 2, 2009 from 7:00pm - 11:00pm
The Hub Islington

5 Torrens Street
London, England EC1V 1NQ


The tenth of the bi-weekly Hackspace Hack Evenings. This time the venue is being provided by our friends at The Hub/HubLabs, just round the corner from Angel tube station.

The Hub Islington is a pretty cool venue, quite a lot bigger than the Regent with a lot more tables.

We've not sorted out the arrangements for food and beer yet, so stay tuned for that.

Website: http://london.hackspace.org.uk






Hi Mike Mc,

Im thinking about coming tonight, i actually stumbled across the london hackspace page earlier in the week but saw it again here and thought this might be a sign!

im quite the newbie when it comes to arduino and other electronics stuff (i did it upto A level but managed to forget it all over the last 6 years apparently) and was wondering if i would still manage to get whats going on and still have a fun time? Also would i need to bring anything with me?

The main thing putting me off is my bloddy hayfever can barely see at the moment so if i dont come it will probably be to do with that! although i see its held semi regularly so hopefully the hayfever season will be gone by then!


Paul, it's every 2 weeks so plenty of opportunity if you can't make it tonight. Hope you can though.

You'll recognise me tonight as i'm the one wearing the "Run Away" (Rabbit from Monty Python Holy Grail) T-Shirt and with a white Macbook and Arduino.

No need to bring anything. It's a very social thing. Last time I took my Arduino, my Macbook and a breadboard project I was working on. It's up to you, take nothing or take something you are working on or just watch and chat with other people.


Message from Jonty Wareing about tonights Hackspace :-

Afternoon hackers!

We've got a special guest attending tomorrow's
event; Mitch Altman, inventor of the TV-B-Gone
and co-founder of the Noisebridge hacker space
in San Francisco! He'll be running small
workshops for people who want to have a go at
building kit forms of the inventions he's come
up with.

If you want to have a go, these are the things
he'll have with him for you to build and play

 -  TV-B-Gone kit -- £12
 -  TV-B-Gone keychain (not a kit) -- £12
 -  Brain Machine kit -- £15
 -  Mignonette Game kit -- £18
 -  MiniPOV3 kit -- £12
 -  Trippy RGB Waves kit -- £6
 -  Trippy RGB Light kit -- £12
 -  BoArduino kit -- £12
 -  FTDI USB serial cable -- £12
 -  USBtinyISP kit (AVR microcontroller
    programmer) -- £12

We'll be providing as much of the necessary gear
as we possibly can for people who want to have a
go at this, but if you have any of the following,
please bring it in case we run out:

 -  Soldering irons
 -  Wire cutters
 -  Wire strippers
 -  Solder (Electrical)
 -  Hot glue gun
 -  Hot glue sticks
 -  Long nose pliers

We also have a large box of assorted electronic
bits and ten Arduinos that are free for anyone to
use in any way they like. If you have any random
components that might be fun to play with, please
bring them along!

We're also looking for some large toolboxes to
hold all the gear we're quickly accumulating, so
if you have one spare please donate it.

As for the food and drink tomorrow, we'll be
supplying the beverages and will put out an honesty
bucket for people to pay what the drinks are worth,
or more if you want to donate a bit of money to
hackspace! We'll also be ordering in pizza from
the place downstairs.

The venue is behind Angel tube station down the end
of the street, we'll try and put out an obvious
indicator on the door (look for flashing lights).
Come all the way up the stairs, we're on the top

Thanks again to The Hub for hosting this event,
they've been amazing and we can't recommend them

The address and all the other information you might
need are on the upcoming page:

And here's a google map, just in case:

As a last resort if you can't find it, give me a
bell on my mobile: 07793223857

Hope to see you there with your projects!

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