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I was wondering if it was possible to play with your mind to control things via an Arduino. So i tried to find informations on internet and it seems not to difficult to hack the MindFlex product. But the price of this product is high so I thought it's probably possible to build this by myself.. There is still a lot of things that I don't anderstand. So correct me if i am wrong.

  To build an EEG sensor, we need several electrodes, which can be active or passive. I found for exemple those :

  When you have you electrode you need to fix them on your head by building a headband like on this vidéo 

And then I guess you need to read the informations from the electrode...  do you think it would be possible to plug them directly to an amplifier and to the analog PIN of the Arduino?
It seems that we have to read wave between 0Hz and a little bit above 40Hz (Delta to Gamma) does it work like reading sound frequency with a micro electret?

Thanks by advance, any informations would be helpful!!


You would need to build a pre-amplifier circuit consisting of input filters, instrumentation amplifier and a bandpass filter.  A simple ECG circuit would be a good place to start.  EEG signals are much smaller than an ECG signal so the gain would have to be much higher.  Also, you would most likely have to implement some sort of voltage offset because the avr's ADC in single ended operation is from 0 to +5V. 

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