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So theres absolutely nothing to do in this state, unless there are any groups for this kind of stuff around?? does anyone know of any??


PA is a big state.  Can you narrow it down to a city?


I will drive a bit, but I'm in Huntingdon. the closest PopCenters are Altoona, State College, and Lewistown...


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Wow, that's like smack dab in the middle of the state.

I did a quick Google search and found
If you look at post#3 under "Foster", he seems to be based in PA and leads a team of Arduino/robot people.  You might try contacting him.

Here's another on in Altoona.
The website actually says he decided to go with something other than an Arduino, but if you're interested in electronics in general... or he might know people.

Good luck!


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