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As per subject.

I have done a basic mod of the car, but now I would really like to power the arduino from the RC battery.

How would i do this?



   Its very easy if you have more then 7.5 volts available, you just have to connect the battery to the vin and gnd pins. I don't have an Arduino in front of me at the moment, so I may have the name of the vin pin wrong. But I can tell you that I run my Arduino from the LIPO battery in my RC Cars this way. If your car runs from 4 AA Batteries = 6 volts, you will not be able to take this approach, in this case my first suggestion would be to power the Arduino from a 9v PP3 battery.

Duane B

Read this
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Its very easy if you have more then 7.5 volts available, you just have to connect the battery to the vin and gnd pins.

Or just run it into the barrel jack; this is good up to about 12 volts - the on-board regulator will run warm (and at 12 volts, fairly warm - some say hot), but it should be OK.

VIN looks like the pin (see your board and schematic: http://arduino.cc/en/uploads/Main/Arduino_Uno_Rev3-schematic.pdf); don't hook up to +5V, though - this bypasses the on-board regulator and should be used only if you plan on having an external 5 volt regulator (this could be a good option, especially if you use one of the compact 7805-pinout-equivalent switching regulators that exist out there; they are more efficient and waste less power as heat than do the LM linear series regulators; just make sure you have your polarity and voltage correct before hooking anything up, because doing this will bypass any protection on the Arduino).
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