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Hello guys, I have a project that uses Arduino mega and process the data, I want to send the data to a PC and perform some processing on it and send back a reply to the Arduino, I have no idea what can I use for this ? any suggestions ? I want something easy and Cheap, the distance isn't a big issue, any wireless will do for me! I dont' have much experience with interfacing so I'd really like an easy option :) thanks so much


Look into bluetooth modules, can find units that are advertised as a "serial cable replacement".
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Thanks, ill look into this, i'd rather use a wifi shield or a Xbee tho  :smiley-roll-sweat:


Thanks, ill look into this, i'd rather use a wifi shield or a Xbee tho

XBees are easy. They are reliable. They deal with all the retransmission issues if data is lost/garbled. What they are not is cheap. But, you get what you pay for.


So what do i need for this ?? the Xbee shield, TX RX both the same and XBee interface with the PC right ?


the Xbee shield

An XBee shield. There are several to choose from - none are ideal. Some are less pathetic than others. I like the Sparkfun model myself.

TX RX both the same

If you mean can an XBee transmit and receive, the answer is yes.

and XBee interface with the PC right ?

Depends on what you mean by "interface with". I have yet to see a PC with an XBee socket. So, you need something to connect the XBee to the PC. Typically, that is a USB Explorer. That makes the device appear as a serial port. The PC can't tell the difference between an XBee on a USB Explorer and an Arduino on a USB cable. Both are just serial devices on a virtual COM port.


Oh, yes I meant about the USB-XBEE Adaptor (Connect Zigbee to PC). I think that what you mean :D and me too. I have to program it using the Arduino tho ? or is it ready-programmed ? and also with the Xbee board?

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