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Author Topic: Rotary Encoder Library  (Read 6879 times)
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The other other possibility (if my AltSoftSerial library doesn't solve the interrupt latency conflicts) would be using a different Arduino compatible board which has an available hardware serial port.  Since I'm the creator of Teensy (full disclosure), of course I'd recommend using a Teensy.  All of them have a free serial port.  Teensy 3.1 has 3 hardware serial ports, yet it's very affordable.

I believe Arduino Leonardo, Micro, Mega and Due also have extra serial ports.

But since you said you were already using an Uno clone, I'm guessing buying a more capable board is not an option?

I'm also curious, did you buy a cheap clone?  Not even a single penny goes to support the Arduino project, nor 3rd party developers, who write the libraries you're using, like Encoder and AltSoftSerial (I'm the author of both, and I can tell you both Encoder and AltSoftSerial development was funded through sales of Teensy boards).  The people who make those extremely cheap clones don't develop any software or libraries.  They usually don't answer any technical questions.  They usually don't even host a forum for questions, instead sending their customers to get support here, from those of us who are funded by sales of the name brand boards.

The extra cost of those boards pays for all this software and library development and resolving of technical issues.  I hope anyone reading this will keep that in mind when considering cheap no-name clones.

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Thank you Mr. Paul Stoffregen for your quick reply. Wow. I salute you. Well I'm from the Philippines and I only have a few options when it comes to choosing boards.

As to PaulS(arcasm), yeah. I definitely deserve that. I'm sorry coz I'm in a rush to finish this project and I'm new to arduino. I don't even know if it'll actually work. But thank you coz you actually helped me a lot by answering in the forums and yeah it's really difficult to answer unspecific questions like mine so I really appreciate what you're doing. Again, I'm sorry.

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