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Oh, yes, I did not realized, that you intend to use the Arduino Due. Indeed, I2C is not supported for the Due at the moment (see also the remarks below the table on the device wiki page)

I am sorry for this,


OK, Thanks for that Oliver. Just to clarify, I2C on Due not supported by U8Glib or not supported by Due at all?. Thanks.



Not supported by U8glib. Arduino Due of course can talk to I2C devices.



I think your display really has a SH1106 controller. It is similar, but not identical to the SSD1306.
1. Locate file u8g_dev_ssd1306_128x64.c
2. Find line 183:
Code: [Select]
  0x000, /* set lower 4 bit of the col adr to 4  */

3. Change this to
Code: [Select]
  0x004, /* set lower 4 bit of the col adr to 4  */

Hi Oliver, i bought a spi oled 128x32 SSD1306 with only GND,VCC,DIN,CLK,DC pins, i have no idea how to wiring it

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