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Mar 04, 2017, 12:18 am Last Edit: Mar 04, 2017, 10:23 am by casperround64
I'm having a seriously frustrating issue with this screen. I bought it from maplins and I cannot seem to get it to work. Yes i've done various research, and it seems im not the only one having this issue. But i need this to work like it should. I've tried different libraries, well tons actually and no luck. Had code errors then fixed them and all it shows is a white screen, read on forums about changing the pin layout in the code and still nothing!!!
This is the display:
Controller: STMPE610
And I'm using an Arduino Uno



Go on.   You just use the resources from your link.  e.g. http://linksprite.com/wiki/index.php5?title=Touch_LCD_Shield

Please describe exactly what you have tried.   i.e. which library from which link.

From a brief glance at this website,   it looks very confusing.
1.  it seems to be a SPI display.
2.  it implies that it uses a ST7781R controller.
3.  there are libraries for an ILI9341.

If you actually have an SPI ILI9341,  there are loads of resources.   

Verify the pcb and schematic with the item you have on your desk.
Tell us which information is accurate.

We will get you running within minutes.

If you actually have a ST7781,   I have never heard of an SPI ST7781R.   It might take a while because no one else has your hardware to test.



Thank you for your comment, I've just gone into the reviews which I should have done at the start, found the libraries and after some digging I have it working!!! Finally!! Thank you :D

I'm just a little stumped on how I would go about making a menu interface, I've created a brief layout with buttons and text inside but am not sure how I would go about adding functions to onclick events of the boxes


Go on.   Which Library?  Which controller?

If you have ILI9341,   I strongly recommend that you use an Adafruit_GFX style of library.   There is a lot of example code.   And some dramatically fast libaries.


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