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I tested the following configurations:

1          -                X               X                   |            NO                    YES             1
2          X                -              X                   |            YES                   YES             1
3          X                -               -                   |            YES                   YES             1
4          -                X               -                   |            NO                    NO             2

The test 4 crashed, you can see the value 99 which was initially 100 to decrease.

My configuration:

Arduino DUE
Arduino Ethernet with w5100
Arduino IDE 1.6.11



Those YES/NO means whether it worked or not? So for example line 1, DMA ON, TRANSACTION ON and Ethernet did not work but the graphics/ILI9341 worked?



.. sorry ... but:




Well I guess the good thing is that the graphics worked when transactions were on in ILI9341_due. If transactions are not used then SPI settings are basically set to whichever library initializes it last.


Sep 22, 2016, 03:30 am Last Edit: Sep 22, 2016, 05:42 am by julyjim
I am posting here because it pertains to the library this discussion has been going on for a while.
I suppose it could be in its own thread.

Last command send to the ILI9341 in  getDisplayStatus(void) function is ILI9341_RDSELFDIAG.
I have verified all commands and they report correct data.
However , I am getting "not working" responses from selfdiagnostoic command.
Could someone double check this. It may be nothing or bogus commend.
I would appreciate that. 
Here is code snippet I use.


PS This  getDisplayStatus function is what separates boys from men. Very nice work !

I am, also getting  bogus bits per pixel - should be 16 and I  am getting "reserved " value.
I would not ruled out error in doc, so I am not getting too concerned about that..
But I also get no product ID . 
Neither one of these will affect the works anyway.

Code: [Select]
  x = readcommand8(ILI9341_RDSELFDIAG);
/*  commented out for forum post
  TraceTree_ellipses(1, 0, 0, (char*)__func__, __LINE__ , __FILE__, " uint8_t x = readcommand8(ILI9341_RDMODE); ",
                     4, "x status ", x , "command ILI9341_RDSELFDIAG", ILI9341_RDSELFDIAG);
  Serial.print(F("Self Diagnostic: 0x")); Serial.println(x, HEX);
  Serial.print(F("  Register Loading: ")); Serial.println(x & 0x80 ? F("working") : F("not working"));
  Serial.print(F("  Functionality: ")); Serial.println(x & 0x40 ? F("working") : F("not working"));
  if (!(x & 0x80 ) | !(x & 0x40))
      Serial.println("WARNING Did not passed selfdiagnostic ");
      // while(1); debug temp stop


Hey Jim,

here's my getDisplayStatus:

Code: [Select]
Display Power Mode: 0x9C
  Booster: On and working OK
  Idle Mode: Off
  Partial Mode: Off
  Sleep Mode: Off
  Display Normal Mode: On
  Display: On
MADCTL Mode: 0x48
  Top to Bottom
  Right to Left
  Reverse Mode
  LCD Refresh Top to Bottom
  LCD Refresh Left to Right
Pixel Format: 0x5
  16 bits/pixel
Image Format: 0x0
  Gamma curve 1
Display Signal Mode: 0x0
  Tearing effect line: Off
  Tearing effect line: mode 1
  Horizontal sync: Off
  Vertical sync: Off
  Pixel clock: Off
  Data enable: Off
Self Diagnostic: 0xC0
  Register Loading: working
  Functionality: working

Try to increase ILI9341_SPI_CLKDIVIDER to 10, I was getting some bogus reads when set to 1 or 2.


the issue I am having is that uint8_t readcommand8(uint8_t c) I am using only reads 8 bits send by ILI9341 and misses "parameters" when they are send.
So - you  cannot get ID because only the parameters carry the data.
I'll eventually ether find the correct "SPI transfer " function or fix it, not to worry

You must be reading 16 bits from the SPI register - this  is how you are getting the self diagnostic repose which comes in second  parameter

I am still looking for someone to  answer the "what is D9 command"?

I need to know that to figure out what is it doing  uint8_t readcommand8(uint8_t c) .
The "preamble" sequence write command D9 and write last 10 is the key.

Code: [Select]
    uint8_t readcommand8(uint8_t c) {

      writecommand_cont(0xD9);  // woo sekret command?

      writedata8_last(0x10);        // ?

      writecommand_cont(c);      // actual command

      return readdata8_last();

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