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Hi. is this lib work with attiny85 and attiny84 over I2C?


U8glib 1.00 is available for download.

Note: The DFRobot ST7920 should be supported by the U8GLIB_ST7920_128X64 device,
but it has been reported that this is not working. Maybe someone from the Arduino
community is able to check this (I do not own this display).

I have a 128x64 graphic ST7920 display clone that looks, walks, quacks and feels like a Robot. This one works with your updated library (> 1,000,000 x thanks) displaying temperature (DS18B20) and humidity (DHT11) see sketch, see picture of the setup 


hello Arduino friends,
I have been looking for how to display Tibetan character on tft 2.4` mcufriend lcd for a week now...  I am not able to find any related articles to display Tibetan character at all.  can anyone help me how to make the display recognize Tibetan character Unicode encoding start with F00, and can display my language on any display

thank you in advance.


u8glib does not support unicode, but it could be added to u8g2 (which does support unicode).
However u8g2 does not support tft RGB displays.

Shell I add Tibetan font to u8g2 (which is a monochrome graphics lib)?


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