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Cool, thanks!  I'll see if I can get anywhere with this.  I have little knowledge of how fonts work, so this may be more than I have patience to do.  ;)

U8glib is a really nice library, BTW - pretty easy to use and modify.  I was a little intimidated at first, but dug into the files and figured out how to create a new constructor.  I have two other LCDs I've pulled out of old equipment that I'm going to try and get working.  One is a little  5 x 2 character out of a Dell server (it's the little status/diag LCD).  I haven't figured out what chip is on it yet.  The other came from a Quantum tape library and I believe is a ST7565 128 x 64 chip-on-glass type.  Both have ribbon cables so I need to get breakout boards to use them.

Anyway, thanks for your help and the LCD library!
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Thank you Oliver for your wonderfull work!

I tested the DFRobot st7920 witch has an spi module attatched to take care of contrast etc. and it works fine in arduino environment.
I would like to use it in pure C but the constructor requires an A0 connection,while the arduino library does not.

How could i resolve  this?

Thanks again!



The st7920 does not require an A0 line. Instead it has a very special low level protocol. Unfortunately i have not yet ported the Arduino version of the low level driver: http://code.google.com/p/u8glib/source/browse/csrc/u8g_com_arduino_st7920_spi.c

I have put this as  issue 85 on the u8glib issue list.

Thanks, Oliver


Thanks for the reply..
Ill will use the arduino library then,no problem!


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I have added support for the st7920 with avr to u8glib:

The test environment includes my NHD 192x32 display with ST7920 controller (upper right, the bright light from upper left makes the contrast a little bit weak). Lower left is an unused EA 132x32 display. Lower right the ATMEGA 328 with green power LED. Upper left the AVR programmer.

A beta release with support for st7920 for avr is avilable on request.


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