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Apr 12, 2015, 12:39 am Last Edit: Apr 12, 2015, 02:42 pm by mrburnette
I'm pissed, Massimo.

The continued evolution of the Arduino.cc GUI and the fork of the Arduino.org version 1.7.x is a kiss of death.

As an end-user, I do not want to take sides; I just want the same ol' ZIP install that I have always had.  I want the same extensible 3rd party capability.  I do not want a 'boards manager' for installation of 3rd party hardware support.

The Arduino Wars are NOT MY PROBLEM. The courts will decide the ultimate outcome.  As a hobbyist, I just want to continue to utilize the GUI as I have in the past.  Taking out ARM support, requiring Board Manager installation of Due to include the GCC compiler for ARM, mucking around with the installation paths is all a very big negative for me.

If you continue to piss me off, I will just select another vendor's development system for my hobby.

My suggestion is for the GUI to be given to a non-partisan 3rd party for support and evolution... in truth, it is "Arduino" and the face that users see.  Neither .cc or .org is going to win my admiration by screwing things up.  So far, 1.7.x at .org seems to be simply a renumbering of the version numbers.

ZIP installation of ALL components is important.
Installation of 3rd party cores/support is important by ZIP
Over-the-wire installation of cores or compilers from within the GUI only is not acceptable.  Internet connectivity for the GUI should not be a requirement for installation of anything.

Do not make the Arduino Wars a personal experience for us end-users.  I've purchased my 'Italian' hardware, paid the price, and not just want to be left along until you guys can settle whatever problems you have - DO NOT TRY AND MAKE IT MY PROBLEM.

Opinion by Ray

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