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I have installed Battle for SMF onto my forum (on my website, then click the "Battle" nav link). I am trying to make it an Arduino/Electronics game. the monsters are called Resistors, money is Amps, health is Volts, and so on.
I am still in the process of changing it to electronics themed images, but it plays, i think.
The drawback? only members of my forum can play, i think.

not trying to SPAM for my website, just thought it may be a neat distraction. so far, i haven't won anything, though my money (Amps) seems to rise, while doing nothing. but then, i don't really know how to play it  (and it is early in the morning).

Just tried it on another browser, and i can confirm that the Battle link wont even show up unless your a member (sorry...)

anyway, play if you want. the major changes i will be making regard the images, and map tiles, just to reinforce the Arduino/Electronics theme.

My GitHub: https://github.com/travisfarmer?tab=repositories
rfid_reader (Library), ServerTempCtrl (Project)

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