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Since my last few posts have diapered I am taking this nice person advise and leaving.

Hip hip- hooray
Hip hip- hooray
Hip hip- hooray

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So OP, start your own site, where no rules or any guidelines are valid.
Show the world how well that will work.
And while you're busy doing that, stay as far away from this site as possible.
I'm not going to miss you at all.

A little persuasion to that by kicking him off this site wouldn't be a problem to me either.


Jul 02, 2015, 10:57 pm Last Edit: Today at 08:25 am by AWOL
my last few posts have diapered
Baby steps?

Define "few" - I count seven posts exactly where they always were.

Edit: {realisation dawns} Oh! You mean the one where you called other members "morons" (just in like that, in bold) ?
Well, yes, that one is in the recycle bin - I assumed you didn't want another ban, so I deleted it for you.
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