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Jun 04, 2017, 02:54 am Last Edit: Jun 04, 2017, 02:57 am by Qdeathstar
Just a small update today.

I got the endstops for x and y going. I am using hall effect sensors. I am planning to print a small cover to cover the sensors ;) The wiring routes underneath the extrusion so that you don't have to see it :D

Once the printer is built i might turn off the less. All you gotta do is pull a jumper. They are pretty bright at 5v... but my final electronics will be duet Wifi and that runs at 3,3v.... so dimmer.



I think i personally would mount the hall sensors to a fixture with epoxy. that way the sensors have no chance of unintentional movement. though i plan to use mine as home sensors too, so i need the position locked in.

looking good! :D

Currently rebuilding a 48" X 48" X 5" (working area) CNC Router. it is alive! :D


x and y don't need to be precise... but i'm going to print an enclosure which should stop them from getting knocked around accidently.


Nothing to write home about, but it should protect the Hall effect sensors... just clips onto the protoboard... Got some holes up to so I can see the end stops.


Some minor updates

I managed to mock up a cable carrier. I'm not sure if this one will have enough room to carry all the cables i need, but i bought multiple sizes so once i move into the wiring phase i'll make my decision.

One of the biggest changes is that i decided to go with 3" L bracket for a more roomier feel. It doesn't cost me any y space, but it might cost me some x space. I'm not 100% sure this is the final design but for the moment i like it. It allows me to mount my extruder and hotend right to the aluminum. For the extruder i am planning to use the Zesty Nimble which is a worm gear extruder and then a cyclops/chimera for the hotend. Initially i wanted to with two v6's... but with the chimera i can still get most of the larger nozzle sizes... and i already have a water-cooled cyclops in my delta. I might add watercooling to this printer too if needed, but i think with the wide open space for airflow under the hotend mount and the big hunk of alumninum, i might not need it. I'm only going to 50c in the enclosure.

I also changed how i routed the belts. I made basically a larger version of what was done on The Digital Dentist's corexy Z axis. It consists of a back plate, a center plate, and a front plate. The belts run through and are sandwiched together with six m3 screws. I have a peice of belt facing the opposite direction in each "tray" to help hold the belts. I'm not sure how this will work over time, but it seems like i got the belts a lot tighter using this method. In order to tighten the belts, i made the ends long so they fit all the way through the plates, then inserted a peice of belt along side the drive belt and pulled it though until everything was tight. Seems to work, but we will see how well everything handles being tugged on my motors soon.

I also started work on the z-drive. Nothing too crazy here... looks like it will work. Finally decided to invest in a nice set of metric taps, which made tapping the mounting holes a lot easier.

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