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Back to the topic: Minor Xmas gift to myself - stocking filler - just for fun - an RGB LED Shield that was on xmas-sale on my local Arduino-pusher. 3 TLC5940s and 4x4 RGB LEDs.

Also purchased (the reason for being on that site) a replacement USB2Serial adapter as the previous one had lost it's blue magic smoke.


Half-purchase, half-gift, an Arturia minibrute analog synth.

I love it.

I've already posted 4 demos of it to soundcloud.  And I haven't even tried hooking it up to my other gear yet, I've only so far messed around with its internal features and simple multitrack recordings in Garageband.

here's a partial cover I did of a song I like, all sounds including drums synthesized by the minibrute:
Soundcloud page: http://soundcloud.com/beefinator-2
Youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/beefinator14
Old soundcloud page (ran out o


'Mini Brute' great name for a great bit of kit.

I treated myself to a stylophone, monotron and a nebulophone - I have spent hours playing the stylophone through the monotron filter - adding the stylophone to the monotron overcomes the common criticism of the monotrons hopeless keyboard.

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The latest package finally arrived from HK! Factory-direct deals. I got my stuff, the experience has been positive.

1 MP3 dev module
1 3-axis gyro module
1 3D magnetic compass module, 1-2 deg accuracy (won't be using it to survey with)
3 SD modules (I got a real good price)
4 ultrasonic range finder modules
2 10A 240VAC relay modules
4 4 digit 7 segment led display modules (uses 7 + 4 pins, but very low cost)
2 BT modules capable of host or slave operation


Notice no prices listed? Minimal docs? Their business model is just ask. They do PayPal.
My contact: chinalctech@163.com

Just to be clear: I don't work for or have any deal with them except my own prices. I get nothing for or from what anyone else buys. My relation is purely as a hobbyist, I do no sales and get no commissions.
But I see those things and have a small collection, I just have to share especially with others like me who aren't so great at assembling hardware and also the ones who want to save time. All the modules have pins.

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Jw how much did u pay for some of those thing like the slave,master bluetooth and the sd card slot?

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