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There's a DIY pre-amp circuit shown on this short youtube. Maybe it will help?


Thank you,
I think that circuit will only work for a piezo but, it put me on a better track for finding a circuit design. After following your link, I found some other sites that have some ideas that may work.



I suggest you take a look at the Analog Devices and TI web sites. Both offer a wealth of information re: op-amps and from the looks of it, your application is tailor-made for an op-amp. You could go for a G=1.5 circuit that simply shifts the signal from +/- 0.7Vrms to 1.5VDC +/- 1.5Vpp. That would result in a signal from 0-3VDC, well within the specs of the Due ADC. Plus, you gain the benefit of a low-impedance source, i.e. one that will make the ADC inside the Due very very happy.


You could go for a G=1.5 circuit

That is so simple! Why didn't I think of that?!!!  :smiley-eek: That could very well work. I will double check my voltages from the guitar and then try your idea.

Nick Gammon

100 x 20 MHz crystals ... for $3 from eBay.

Now I'm going to try running at that speed. Although to be honest, they sound unbelievably cheap. :)


I look forward to articles on timing at 20 MHz.  :D

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