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You don't have digi-key in your backyard like I do (2-4 hours away is back yardish for shipping).  XD


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Generic USB ISP programmer... A buck shipped.

Now the thing is, hunting for this type of deal takes time, and you have to be willing to put things away for when you need them, not buy them when you need them.  Bottom feeding really leaves you at the mercy of the supplier, who may not consider the loss leader their highest priority.. Though I almost never get screwed over..

You have to remember sometimes I have to kill hours at a time in the middle of the night, best with some kind of mindless thing.  If I save five bucks on parts, but it has taken three hours to get there in terms of searches and bids, its not really practical.. Especially since the volumes you buy are hobbyist levels at best.. It's a one off or a promo to get a deal like that...
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Thanks! The list of processors has no 328 so is it working with 328? Thanks!


MacOSX "Lion."
None of my old PPC apps work now :-(
Does anyone know of a reasonably priced draw/paint package that will read Corel Photopaint 11 .cpt files?


I'll find out when it arrives in a few weeks.. but since it does list 168's, I can't imagine that it would have a problem with ATMEGA328. hadn't even noticed that it wasn't on the list.  It's ISP, so I would imagine if it fits the specifications for one, it would fit for all.
When the testing is complete there will be... cake.

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