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Not sure if they are enhancement or depletion mode MOSFETs. I have some small-current enhancement mode MOSFET. They are like normally open switches so you apply voltage to close the switch to complete the circuit. Depletion mode (I think) is just the opposite.


Got the video card in, came with a download coupon for Deus Ex, opened the box and the maker put a download coupon for Dirt3 in there (stupid song voice)

I got two "free" games woot woot


Even better is that they are not physical discs.  I love Steam.. any PC I sit down at (and some games even on Macs), I have my full game library.  With a good broadband connection, you can download a game with a 8GB install in thirty minutes or less.  Never lose the disc or cd key again.  "Cloud" technology (blah blah blah, it's repackaged Napster protocol, by multilocating the data at multiple physical sites, they not only maintain 100% data integrity, they make the download speeds ridiculously fast because you are streaming data from mutiple locations at once.  It's Napster rather than Gnutella because of the centralized authentication and hash distribution, Gnutella was far more robust, as the hash was decentralized, the hash and authentication were part of the data stream).  Storage Area Networks delivered.. Ken Olsen and Harlan Anderson would be so proud.. (they were right, just thirty years ahead of their time)

Anyway, sounds like the MOSFET purchase was a good one.. I may just end up replacing the Darlington pairs in my current strobe build.. sounds like the MOSFET can handle MUCH more power and is substantially faster and more efficient at the switching... awesome!

When the testing is complete there will be... cake.


They definetly are, I used to use tip 122,125 all the time for switching stuff before I learned how to use logic level power mosfets, I used to have a decent heatsink to get 3 amps out of it but now I got a 120v 40amp logic level mosfet that doesn't get warm even at 3a

Nick Gammon

Maths coprocessor chip ...

Now to fire the sucker up ...


That might deserve a library able to handle real doubles!
I find it harder to express logic in English than in Code.
Sometimes an example says more than many times as many words.

Nick Gammon

MicroVGA output device for the Arduino:



Using SPI you can send text to a normal VGA monitor (most of us will have one of them lying around).

Example output ...

I modified the Arduino Adventure game I was working on, to quickly replace Serial with a class based on Stream which outputs to this device instead. Haven't got the keyboard working yet, but once done, you could have a full text adventure running out of a tiny box.

You can have colours and stuff like that ... I haven't had time to do that yet. An old PS2 keyboard plugs into it, so you have both input and output.


Neat game! Now if someone could just make an easy SRAM expansion kit for UNO that won't cost 15 pins. The 32KB flash on UNO seems big compared with 2KB SRAM. If you construct c-strings in your memory you run out of memory quickly.


32k code is plenty if there's a data device like SD card behind it.
I find it harder to express logic in English than in Code.
Sometimes an example says more than many times as many words.


Received 30$ of components from Tayda electronics last week. A bunch of voltage regulators, leds, transistors, mosfets, switches and 2 ATmega 328P-PU's. Will try to put a bootloader on them later this week.


With westfw's optiloader, I was able to crank out bootloaded ATMEGA328P's at around 9 second each. Bootloaded 100 chips last time.


hey nick, need some help with the "graphics" I still (for some reason) enjoy poking at text graphics, and I am not the only one, not my work but check out


Nick Gammon

Looks pretty slick. I doubt you could do that with many text cards. Could be a 3D program with "text" widgets.


A sparkfun serial-enabled LCD kit.

I might use it on my forever-a-WIP arduino midi synth, it'll definitely be more readable than an 8x16 LED display.  But the led matrix is cool, I'll probably keep that, and just have a second display.  I dunno.

The extra 328 chip will also be useful; maybe I could modify the code to make the LED matrix also Serial controlled by the master duemilanove.  I've noticed some display flicker above 8 note polyphony right now; it has to constantly scan each row on the display, and the 31250Hz interrupt routine bogs it down enough to be noticeable.
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