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Author Topic: TCS3414 color sensor not working?  (Read 14 times)
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Hi guys,
I want to sense the color green (e.g. so a LED lights when the sensor is shown something green).
I am using the following code and it seems to work (spits out numbers which change when I cover the sensor with my hand) but the red, green, blue and clear numbers printed to the  serial monitor all seem to change by the same percentages whatever color I show the sensor.  I have tried to tweak the gain settings, etc. but no luck so far.  I was expecting the green output to increase in relationship with the other color numbers when the sensor is shown a green object such as a leaf.

I level shifted bidirectionally all the inputs and outputs as suggested elsewhere.  It seems to be working but just not differentiating between different colors.   Bad sensor or am I missing something?  Should I use a green filter?

The code is too large to post here so I put a copy in dropbox:

Google "TCS3414 spec" for the sensor specification. 

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