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Hi guys. So I made this universal device for visually impaired. It's clock, stopwatch, egg timer, water level detector and meter. In future, I want to add a color recognizer, sound recorder, calculator, theremin, haptic feedback device and much more. (Rfid tag reader? Thermometer? Compass? (that round one))(But I'll have to upgrade to atmega to achieve such goal.) As for now, all design is build around attiny85 single chip, rotary encoder (multipurpose), two buttons and piezo buzzer. And some recycled parts, such as connectors from old 9v batteries and energit (altoids) can. Overall costs: <5 bucks. Estimated overall costs of sum of (usually single purpose) devices capable of same thing: OVER NINE THOUSAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND!!!! No, seriously, It could get well over 200 bucks. So, yeah. I guess that's it. I might do a tutorial and post codes online if anyone is interested. Based upon previous work: Time.h http://arduino.cc/playground/Code/Time PinChangeInterruptSimple.h and whole core from http://code.google.com/p/arduino-tiny/ and  rafbuff's rotary encoder handling algorhytms. Here's a nice little video:
Sorry about the quality. Dropped my camera on floor, had to use mobile phone.


Brilliant, I love seeing adaptive hardware.

However, am I the only one that sees the dark humor in the fact the video is fuzzy throughout ?   :D


Thanks! Well, I've  heard my friends say lot's of jokes of such kind   :D (Such as: So... You didn't want to put display inside, so you said it's for visually impaired, right? Or: It's for visually impaired because they don't realize how crappy it looks, right? ) xD. Yeah, but anyway, I'm very glad you like it. And hopefully, hackaday will like it, too, although they haven't replied on my mail yet. (I realize there are much more hi-tech devices presented there, yet they featured stuff such as attiny based blinking robot costume or electronic ambient light sensing candle, so they might feature my little thingy, too...) Don't really believe so but I sure hope so.


I submitted it to instructables and it got featured. YEEEEEAAAHAAA!

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