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Hey, i have uploaded Standard_Firmata on my ArduinoUno.

Now, someone plz tell me how to implement the firmata function like

"  arduino->digitalWrite(13, Arduino::HIGH)    "     in c++>NET.

i'm trying like,...

        SerialPort^ arduino;
   arduino = gcnew SerialPort(port_Name, 9600);
   arduino->digitalWrite(13, Arduino::HIGH);          // showing error  as no such function exists.

i understand the error, then how to implemnt, these functions, plz help. I'm not able to understand VB and c# examples, on various places.

So, plz help me.....


why are you using c++??? why not use Arduino IDE ....


check this out: http://webhole.net/2010/05/01/arduino-visual-c-plus-plus-tutorial/

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