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Just to confirm... You upload ArduinoISP to the remote.  Disable auto-reset on the remote.  Use the remote to program the quad.  Get verification errors.


I hate autoreset, none of the flow-control pins are wired, the remote bootloader is activated by grounding a pin, the ArduinoISP firmware is activated by unplugging that Wii controller
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The Arduino IDE uses -D because that reflects the reality of the way the bootloader works; it doesn't implement (though it WILL accept) a "chip erase" command.  It's not clear that AVRDude behaves "correctly" in these circumstances (there are bugs open that say it doesn't upload pages containing all 0xFF, for instance, and it really should, since it can't count on them being FF from the chip erase.)

I just set my board.txt to use STK500v1 instead and pretend it's another bootloader.

Have you used the new "upload using programmer" feature of V1.0 (Shift-Upload) ?  It looks like it doesn't use the -D option.

Otherwise, you're pretty far outside the envelope of normal Arduino use, so I doubt your request will get much traction.  Why don't you download the IDE source and "patch as needed" ?


err, the project is stuck using 0022 or 0023 actually

I might try hacking v1.0 with 0023 core files then
Freelance engineer, consultant, contractor. Graduated from UW in 2013.

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