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If this workshop might be of interest to somebody around here, please be very welcomed:

ARE YOU CONDUCTIVE? - hands on, Arduino-based creative workshop & interactive installation. March 17. - 20. 2010, 2 - 7 PM daily.

Focusing on uniting sustainable low tech and untypical materials with high tech in a poetic and fluent way, we will be creating changeable patterns, forms and shapes within the electric circuit, experimenting with resistance and conductivity to create hand made switches and analogue sensors from magnetite stones, conductive thread/fabric, graphite, organic and found materials to be joined to a spatial interactive and sensual circuit, consisting of movable parts, connected to the micro controller Arduino.

More details: aa-vv.org


Thanks for this post.

Just sent an email, hoping to participate.


Thanks for your thanks and the e-mail. Join!

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