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Jack Christensen

Anyone else noticed a big jump in prices? Couple examples below of parts I'd previously bought from Mouser. Wondering if this is fallout from the flooding in Southeast Asia last year. Nearly a 200% increase on those caps.

ST Micro LD1117V33C 3.3V LDO regulator: Dec-2011 $0.271, now $0.53 (qty 10)
Vishay 100nF MLCC K104K15X7RF53L2: Aug-2011 $0.04, now $0.115 (qty 100)


I've noticed a sharp decrease in the fire sale prices on ebay on components in general.. I've been running with the cautiously optimistic thought that maybe the economy is starting to pick up thereby reducing the warehouse overloads that lead to my bottom-feeding shopping methods..


Could be the mfrs. are trying to nudge you away from one part and onto another. It's not uncommon to see prices for "mature" products start to go UP over time (rather than down as you would expect for other goods that age) and replacement products that are better/faster actually cost less. Whenever I see a component price go up I start to smell around for a cheaper replacement.

The UA78M33CKCS is a bit cheaper, for example.

Also PTH parts are falling out of favor so you might have more luck with an SMT version.

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I've noticed the same with leds, before id get 1w leds for anywhere from 5-25cents ea and now you can't find them for a penny less than 50c ea


I've noticed the same with leds, before id get 1w leds for anywhere from 5-25cents ea and now you can't find them for a penny less than 50c ea

If you are in North America, should look at dipmicro.com

Like this one:

BTW, USPS shipping has increased again. I'm charging $5.95 for shipping overseas and last time I paid $5.96+shipping materials. I had to bump up the shipping charge to just cover the USPS charge and a bubble mailer :(
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Not those, ind I meant, I mean the 1w variety for use with heatsinks


Ceramics are not affected by Southeast Asia's recent troubles.  In fact, all of the Asian ceramic providers slightly north of that area are complaining because distributor stock is so high.

Secondary factors must be affecting the prices you see.

On the other hand, a couple of Tantalum and Aluminum-polymer plans were lost (NEC), which as caused some strain on supply, but nothing significant.
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My suspicion is that the price increase is because of the overall uncertainty surrounding Apple / Foxconn...

With Foxconn increasing pay, speculators are very likely concerned that upstream (component) manufacturers will also.

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