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To be fair to them they are responsible for safety and having some one turn up with a fire breathing robot horse on the day is going to take a lot of extra work and effort, planning that it will be safe for spectators.

As it was, the fire breathing robot horse they had at last years event was well prepared and everyone knew the issues with it before it arrived.

Website now up with some of the attractions:-

Although we had to submit them last December I am not aware of anything being turned down.


This sure has come around fast!

I'll probably head down for the Saturday like last year.

I hadn't realised they were charging for entry this year.  I don't suppose I can complain too much about 4 quid though.


I went down to Newcastle yesterday and had a great time.  Arduino was in use by several of the exhibitors which was nice to see.

I've thrown up a short writeup and video of some of the exhibitors on my site.


I went down to the Maker Faire in Newcastle yesterday and it was great! I'd never heard of Arduino before but after an explanation from one of the guys on the O'Reilly stand I was fascinated - lots of the exhibitions were using the Arduino board for their creations, my favourite being the Open Energy Monitor which I hope to put together soon. I also spoke to the guys at oomlout and have got my eye on one of their Arduino Starter Kits, I'll have to buy one when they come back in stock and get my head around Arduino :)



Just got back after two days solid talking with my voice down about two octaves.
I will tell you if it was fun or not when I finally wake up (probably about Wednesday).
Lots more stands than last year so not as much space for all my stuff but I managed to show most of it.

I hadn't realised they were charging for entry this year.

Did they? Some of the flyers said it was free. I never went through the front door so I don't know.
Attendance was down a bit on the Sunday but maybe that was because it was mothers day.

Now to put my new stuff on line.  ;)


Craig, That's great.  Welcome to the community.  :)

Mike, I'm glad it went well for you.  It was good to see more stands and the event growing.  There can't have been much less space; there were more stands but it was also in a much bigger space.

I went around a couple of times and on each occasion there was someone by the door to the marquee and at the base of the ramp leading to the inside area checking tickets.

There were a few things going on outside which were free.  That might be what the flyers were referencing.


There can't have been much less space;

Last year I had three trestle tables and this year I only got two. The started off by giving me one but I talked it up. So yes it was bigger in that it had more stands but then individual exhibitors had less space.


I thought the cover charge was reasonable. We got a weekend pass (2 adults & 2 children) for £15.

I thought it was a great event with a well balanced emphasis on family fun style activities. My kids totally enjoyed the weekend, they loved the opportunity to build something for themselves.

The time seam to pass so quickly I wish it had lasted longer and I had more time to talk "shop". But it was great to meet Anachrocomputer and see his UK101 working, the guys from the Parallax forums and many other exhibitors who I managed to chat with.

I must of missed Grumpy_Mike's stand. Where were was your stand Mike?


Where were was your stand Mike?

Next but one to the Darlek, the one with the LED Harp on the corner.


next to the guys and girls from sonodrome?


The other way if I remember.  Next to the building mathematics group/display.


next to the guys and girls from sonodrome?

Not that I know of. I was down stairs opposite where the LEGO robots were being programmed by kids to get pots of sweets. Next to that couple in the perspex box.

I had the Harp, the pendulum, and the Escher Footsteps (large circle of pressure pads on the floor).


right, I remember you now.

I was on those LEGO robots with my kids getting the pots of sweats :-)


Leon Heller from the Parallax and Xmos Exchange forums has posted some pictures from the faire:




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