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[homer]mmmm... fuge[/homer]


Perhaps for you, "subterfuge" and "rude" have different meanings to the English I speak.
"Pete, it's a fool looks for logic in the chambers of the human heart." Ulysses Everett McGill.
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Maybe try something else?  Like gardening or something?  Maybe programming and electronics just isn't your thing.


You are rude for making subterfuge about a discussion by merging it with a different discussion that has nothing to do with the issue.  I wasn't mad about that but I was mad about the rude user who compared himself to me.


I am trying to translate this to my language, trying to understand... Tried some synonymes, hidden meanings, combinations... no, doesn't compute!
Is it possible that this person is talking about something that doesn't exists to us normal mortals, like PM's or email conversations?

"Subterfuge"? Trick, bluff, betrayal? And "rude" with that? The word Jar-Jar Binks uses in starwars, I can't get that out of my mind now; "How rude!". Can you see that funny face with that sentence?

I am interested purely linguisticly, trying to learn more languages than just C++.


PS. I am sorry if that offended anybody!
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I find it laughable that your even still here making reply's to somthing you've decided to ditch.

I've been at the arduino for 5 days and I've made a few simple and some what boring examples but the point being is I did it, I wrote the code and I learnt how to write it and wire the components, thats given me determination to continue.

I find it despicable that you want someone to baby sit you through somthing that costs you £20/$25~
Open source doesnt mean people will coach you.
you dont have time to learn? make time or find somone you are willing to pay for tutoring if such a person exist out side colleges/universities.

If you've lost interest then log out of the site, delete your history if you really need to and dont come back. a deleted account isnt going to make any difference and it just sounds like your here to rant.


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