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In the spirit of Open Source, and all that...

Does anyone have "course-ware" materials for Arduino workshops that could be used either as-is or with modification for other workshops?  On-line courseware?  (syllabus, slides, suggestions, materials lists,  lab vs lecture ideas, modifications for different audience types, success and/or horror stories, etc?)

I can even see some advantages to having "standardized" classes ("Why yes, I've completed "beginning Arduino" and "Arduino/Windows communication."  But now I'm looking for someone who teaches "Arduino and Motion" because I really don't understand motors...")


Nice Idea... Perhaps we can develop one... how about say we start listing topics? Here are a few i can think of / working on..

Arduino + Computer Hardware (Mouse, KBD, etc)
Arduno + Python
Arduino + Music
Arduino + Robotics
Arduino + Home Automation
Arduino + Internet
Arduino + Processing
Arduino + Scratch

Well the list seems to grow... We should take one at a time and try and arrive at core concepts for each of these... Seems loads of things to do... but more hands and it can be done.

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