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I wonder if they're planning on announcing this here?  (oops!  :-)

Farnell and Tinker will run an introductory EAGLE CadSoft workshop for Arduino users. Due to be held on the 15th May, the free one-day session will help advanced Arduino users understand the basics of  the powerful yet easy-to-use EAGLE CadSoft software that gives designers an affordable  schematic capture and printed circuit design tool.

Following its acquisition of EAGLE Cadsoft in 2009, Farnell has successfully promoted the innovative CAD package through its element14 online portal for electronics engineers. Farnell's eCommunity site will allow designers to register their place on the course (http://www.element-14.com/community/events/2500) that will be held in Central London and led by two Senior Engineers from Tinker and CadSoft - Peter Knight and Richard Hammerl. Following the course, Farnell will make video instructables from the workshop available via element14.

Arduino is an open-source electronics prototyping platform and programming language. It is based on flexible, easy-to-use hardware and software and helps individual users develop their own designs and interact with the engineering community.

"This course will help engineers using Arduino learn how to utilise CadSoft, enabling them to achieve their designs more efficiently," said Alan Paterson, General Manager, Farnell UK and Ireland. "This free course continues to demonstrate Farnell's commitment to the engineering design community and, in this case, Arduino users. It also underlines the valuable platform that element14 provides for the electronics engineering community at large."

"We are delighted to partner with Farnell for this first public EAGLE workshop for Arduino users. We believe Farnell's element14 eCommunity is a great initiative that will open a dialogue between the electronic design engineering and the DIY communities and we are looking forward to a full attendance at the event," said Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino, CEO and Co-Founder of Tinker London.


(element-14 seems to be an attempt at implementing a sort of social network for EE types.  It's run/sponsored by Farnell/Newark.  So far, it's looking ... better than most previous such attempts.)


Unfortunately that is a bit short notice or I would be there!

Couldn't they make it a Saturday? :(



Argh!  Wish I could live anywhere near where they do things like that :P.

Stupid North Carolina, USA..


Couldn't they make it a Saturday?

May 15th IS a saturday :)

To bad it's not on the 18th og 19th  (when I will be in London).


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Meh, for some reason I looked at it and thought it was a Friday.

Unfortunately it's still a bit of short notice for me to travel down to london next weekend...  :(



westfw is correct in suggesting that element14 is a form of social networking for the industiral/commercial electronics design community.

I have been a member for about 6 months and have found them to be a great technical resource . . . although their forums are not very active and it can take a little while for someone to come through with an answer.

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