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I am interested in setting up a Berlin based Arduino / physical computing group to create a community to provide support and ideas in terms of programming, electrical connection/ power handling and parts building. 

Ich mochte ein Arduino / Physical Computing Group in Berlin für Unterstützung und Ideen zu geben bezüglich Programmierung, elektrischer Anschluss /Strom handlung und Bau.


I just read the post, a few mnths late... :p
I m interested in finding such a group in berlin.
How far are you with the idea? Many interested people?


There are some hackerspaces in Berlin, have look: http://hackerspaces.org/wiki/List_of_Hacker_Spaces
Mein verwaister Arduino-Blog: http://www.sth77.de/ - letzter Eintrag: Diamex-ISP in der irgendwann mal aktuellen Arduino-IDE 1.6.4

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