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We are on a similar encryption journey. I have hit the N_BLOCK limit using this AES library and am loosing the remaining transmission text. To get around it, I am attempting multi-dimentional arrays of plaintext & ciphertext and rebuilding at the end. If you completed any more on this, I would be delighted to see. If not, I can keep you posted with my progress (or lack of!).

BTW, security is good for a bot, 3rd parties could cause it to misbehave, but you would be liable for the damage.




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I don't quite see the difference between "using without permission" and stealing.

'Stealing' means simply picking it up and carrying it off. Whether it's any good to them as a lawnmower, or as a bunch of parts, or just a useless box of junk they will sling off a bridge when they realise it's of no value to them, that's no consolation to you. The important thing is that you no longer have it. The fact it's hard for anyone else to use it as a lawnmower won't stop them stealing it and in no way secures your property. The only benefit I can see from your proposed security is to stop somebody from accidentally/deliberately causing it to do the wrong thing while it's playing in your garden.
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How would you advice to avoid nicking a lawnmower robot?

1)   Dig a very big hole in your garden.
2)   Fill with concrete with a big steel ring set into the top.
3)   Chain the lawnmover, with a very heavy chain and padlock, to the ring.
As additional security
4)   Connect the metal parts of you mower to 240v AC  ]:)


How would you advice to avoid nicking a lawnmower robot?

Just hire a guard to watch the lawnmower. Probably cheaper then hiring a gardener in the first place.  ;)

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