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yeah i know.... video is horrible !!
i have already fired the cameraman


I like this. Could you show the circuit too? I just got my LCD today, and find this topic.

The only law for me; Ohms Law: U=R*I       P=U*I
Note to self: "Damn! Why don't you just fix it!!!"


i bought a sheild for nokia 6100's lcd from spark fun which had pins for Vcc,ground,reset,clock and MOSI and MISO. i build a sheild for arduino for connecting these pins to the ones on my arduino i.e Vcc,ground,reset,clock and MOSI and MISO of my arduino. this enables the prebuilt library for 6100's lcd to send data (bit by bit via SPI communication protocol) which appears in the form of lighted pixels with variable colors. i'll post a picture of the sheild i used here asap.

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