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We are a new workshop based in Liverpool called Arduinnovate. We are currently working on some projects using the Arduino platform. We also aim to put on a few events so watch this space!

Check out www.arduinnovate.com



I shall Certainly keep an eye out



Is this Liverpool, NW UK?

Is there another one?

or is it a case of the U.S. not being able to generate it's own names again.


One in Pennsylvania and 1 in Mexico afaik :)


i'm only in southport

any public projects i would be mega interested in  ;D

i am crap though so i would probably just end up watching


"I am crap though so I would probably just end up watching"

And as I'm based on the Southport side of Wigan, so would I  ;D


Hey folks, thanks for the interest. We're based in Liverpool, Northwest, UK. Please email info@arduinnovate.com with your details if you are interested and we will contact you with our events and workshops and any projects you might want to join.

Thanks again



We have just secured our venue for Arduinnovate 1. This will be a festival / conference and will act as an opportunity to showcase arduino teams and projects and will seek out arduino experts to give some presentations. It is open to everyone but we are very interested in seeing people from the UK and the northwest of England. Please get in touch if you are interested.

Andy Arduinnovate


Hello arduinnovate. I've pm'd you.


Ok - we're compiling a mailing list of everyone who is interested which is going well. Keep those emails coming to info@arduinnovate.com and we'll add you to the mailing list.


Liverpool's nowhere near the north-west of the UK unless of course you don't consider Scotland part of the UK (U stands for United)



I'll try remember to email when I get home from work.

I'm in Wigan, so it's not too far.


liverpool is NW england...

jack is a tool

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