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I can't believe any one would say the "design is very poor"  Come on here if you fixed this so you couldn't break it it wouldn't be able to do any thing good it would be in a bubble.

You don't put 12 volts on any pin and you don't try to sink or source more power then it can put out.

You wouldn't pull a Mack Truck with a 4 banger car would you if some thing went wrong it would run over you can't stop it.

Same thing here you pulled more power then it could supply and your Mack ran over it.

But the Op may be lucky and he just burned the power supply out by back feeding it  


Now finally - that is the first good advice I've had on this forum. If I was an electronics expert I wouldn't have problems  - but I am trying to build a platform for my ATM telescope and really don't want to branch out into electronics right now. So I was hoping to get a simple stepper motor working - and thats it. Perhaps the rugged is exactly aimed at me.

Thank you


I guess I'm just too used to (after 30 years) writing software that is idiot proof. But it does take a lot more effort - would be much easier to eliminate the idiots.

In this case, I am the idiot - working late last night - lots of problems at the same time - loose wiring (breadboard:(), discharged battery, driver chip overheating, faulty breadboard, faulty pin on arduino - so finally I reconnected (in a daze) the motor battery to the 5v rail instead of the correct pin. Bang


It's easy to mess up we all do it just some lie about it. But if you fallow so simple rules you going to still have a usable mirocontroller in the end.

Never put power on till you are 100% sure you have the power lines right that's number one
and two always check the wiring a few times always.

Three always limit the power to a pin to big of a resistor not going to hurt to small and you'll see smoke. 

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