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Where in this site could I report a bad official  Arduino Distributor?

One week ago, I did a purchase in "Casa do Robo" (indicated on http://arduino.cc/en/Main/Buy in Americas, Brazil) two boards Arduino Nano and did an advanced payment by PayPal.

I sent some emails to Casa do Robo and until now, there was no answer, I received some blank emails. There are no phone numbers on Casa do Robo website.

Take care!

Massimo Banzi

Hello groizman

I'm sorry about the issues you're having, we're contacting the distributor directly. Let's see what they say.

If we don't get a reply in a very short time we'll remove them from the list of distributors and we'll send you the equipment directly from the factory.(at no charge for you oviously)

I apologise for the issues you're having.


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