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Magic Lantern has this feature built in for Canon DSLR's.  You can adjust the sensitivity to make it very sensitive in 2 different modes.  Free no hardware!


I just saw that!  I have used CHDSK before, but never had seen Magic Lantern!

I had been using a 350D (Rebel XT), which has very little in terms of expandable functionality- and only replaced/supplanted it with a T2i a couple of months ago... and it looks as if ML is pretty much written for the T2i/7D platform!  This is one very cool upgrade.. if this software actually performs as written up (and it seems it does), it puts the camera in a whole new class of function for my purposes!

I won't get a chance to install it until after this weekend, can't risk any possible screwups over this weekend..


It does everything it claims to do.  I have been working on additional improvements.  Check out the HDR video.  Can go as low as 1fp in video mode.  I prefer 4fps for timelapse. 

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