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Does anyone have a successful Arduino C-code implementation of velocity detection using a CON RSM3650?  If so, will you share it?

I have built an Arduino Nano controlled robot from a radio control model level car.  My initial design uses two sonar proximity detectors to guide the car around the room counter clockwise looking down.  I want the car to go faster.  I need to calculate 'closing speed'.  It appears that the RSM3650 has the capability and is not too expensive.  What do you all say?  How tough a job am I setting for myself?


What do you all say?

Pretty much the same thing we always say when someone asks a question about a device other than an Arduino. You need to post a link to the device.

How tough a job am I setting for myself?

That all depends on what a CON whatever is, how you access its data, how accurate that data is, and what you want to do with that data.


There was a post several weeks ago, this is a doppler radar sensor. It outputs a voltage or frequency depending on the speed?

Voltage can be measured with ADC ==> analogRead()
Frequency can be measured with PulseIn(), or an IRQ based counter...

Have you searched this forum for the sensor number?
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Here is a link to the CON RSM3650 technical page.


I had just hoped that someone in Arduino land had used it.


No good!!!  Sensitivity is spec'd at 4 to 16 meters.  Any suggestions for velecity detection by measuring closing speed?

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