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Now you know how SF feels on here....

Please don't speak for others.
I for one don't hate them. Yes, i was lucky at free-day.



So, how often does anyone associated with Sparkfun post anything useful on this forum?


That's a poor assessment, I think.  How many people here do you think buy from them?  Anyone who has purchased one of their products is, be definition, "associated" with them.  This is indirectly, of course, but the fact remains.  I think maybe what you're saying is, "How often does someone FROM SF post here?"  The answer to that question is, probably fairly rarely compared to the total postings per day.

If you're harboring ill will towards them because you didn't get anything on Free Day well, neither did I.  I don't feel some sort of entitlement because they were giving away something free, thus, I don't feel cheated.  I think there are a lot of people who do (did) feel cheated.  Yes, I was disappointed, but I got over it.  If that's your beef, I think it's a poor excuse.  If you've been wronged by them in some professional sort of way, you would have a legitimate complaint.

(steps off his soapbox)


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By "associated", I meant employed, affiliated, or connected in a financial sense beyond being a customer of.

It isn't just about the Free Day fiasco.

The only time any one from Sparkfun comes to the forum it is to sell something. They never respond to questions that people have using the products they bought from Sparkfun.


We are here.  It has taken some time to get 'here' though, and we apologize.  Our company is growing, and with it our support departments.  

We do wish to take a more active presence in forums, but limited personnel and other priorities have made this quite difficult.  But we are here and listening and will try to do what we can!

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