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Hello all,

I'm trying to install bonjour/zeroconf library on Arduino. The information is below.

In general, if I apply it into Arduino and register a service( named arduino.local for example ), Can my iPhone find out the service using a bonjour app? Assume that the Arduino and iPhone are in the same local network.



You could try one of the network scanners available in the App Store to detect if/what Bonjour services are registered.
I am using iNet Pro and think it's worth the few dollars I spent. I have a project utilizing a clone of the Asynclabs WiFi shield and this little app came in quite handy.

I have just downloaded and installed the Library yesterday and can't get the samples to compile as there seems to be an incompatibility between the older Bonjour library and the Arduino 1.0 environment. Whhat Arduino version have you been successful with when compuiling and uploading the library ?



Replying to myself and hoping it is of interest to someone ;-)

I have DHCP and Bonjour running using a Arduiuno UNO with A Ethernet shield connected to a wireless access point. The service registered with Bonjour shows up nicely in my Network scanner.

I also have been able to Use ARDosc to communicate with TouchOSC on my iPhone. The host (the UNO) that runs the _osc._udp service shows up nicely in TouchOSC. Just what ZeroConf is supposed to do.


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