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I am Daniel and I want to have a midi merger, but they are not cheap, and they are usually too big and heavy for my liking, so I want to make my own.

Because the only microcontroller i know how to program is the Atmega328 with arduino bootloader, and because the atmega328 only has one RX pin I came up with the following solution for receiving potentially simultaneous midi messages and making sure to output them one at a time. This is my idea:

although I didnt illustrate it all the atmegas will share 5V and GND

I would love it if you could tell me that this was a stupid idea and that there is a much easier way to achieve what I want to do.

I even have a handfull of attiny85s lying around, Could i do it with them do you suppose? i.e. can i make it go at 16MHZ and stil have RX and TX pins and a way to set and read the flag?

Thanks for any light you might shed on this.




my plan was just to use the Arduino Mega; it has three serial ports.


Did you do it ? and arent those chips a bit of a hassle to solder, I'm not that into leaving my arduino inside finished projects.


I haven't started yet.
I don't mind keeping the Arduino inside the project. I'm not mass-producing anything and I can take the project box apart easily enough.
I'm going to use an old KVM switch - the type for the ancient AT keyboards, since they have the same DIN sockets as MIDI.


Cool, let me know how you get along, i think i'm going to see if i can do it by running software serial in parallel with ordinary serial, not sure it will buffer everything properly though, so i might lose some data.

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