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Tenet Technetronics, Bangalore, India is providing Hands on Workshop on Arduino.

Tenet Technetronics is providing workshop for students, teachers, professors, artists and professionals all over India

Tenet Technetronics Arduino Workshop is going to held at NIRMA UNIVERSITY in huge space, make your presence by registering in the event


If you have any queries or doubts you can write to me bala@tenettech.com

For purchasing arduino boards you can write to info@tenettech.com

The Interesting thing is you will get an arduino duemilanove board with workshop and also with basic components at a rate of (Rs) 2,500 INR only.

If you are outside India we can ship you Arduino duemilanove tenettech board at $26 (USD).



Its very good to see aruino in India...........  :) :)


Thanks for your  reply to my first post, May I know which country you are from.


Arduino is really catching in India..

There are couple of other Arduino or Arduino compatible board manufacturers in India.

1. bhasha.cc (Freeduino) @ Rs. 1000+

2. http://www.deccanrobots.com (Freeduino, which looks almost same as original Arduino made in Italy) @ Rs. 800

3. feemo.in, sparkfun's official reseller for Arduino in India. Price @ 1790+

4. I heard RI coming up with it's own version of Arduino, price and features are still not made public. It's looks are far away from the original Arduino, also don't know if it can handle the changes/upgrades done with every release of Arduino software.

In all, http://Deccanrobots.com looks perfect for quality & price.

I expect to see a price and version war soon starting in India.



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Thats true wee have many version of Arduino.
But we are the best by our customers
We also provide support
Its left to you where you buy and eat.
Tenet Technetronics, Bangalore is the place for arduino in India


[size=16]TENET TECHNETRONICS is now an official Distributor in INDIA for Arduino Boards an open source Electronic Prototyping/Development Board, an easy way to procure boards in INDIA.[/size][size=24][glow]www.tenettech.com[/glow][/size]


Looks like the war has already begun  ;D

A note to beginners: A cheaper board may not always be better for you.
Read through the specs of all the boards and try to understand the functions of the board's parts.

Deccanrobot's Freeduino boards are cheap because you'll have to manually choose the power source between External and USB.

Feemo.in and Tenettech imports and sells the original Arduino board, so this might be a good place to start.

Once you get the hang of it, you can buy cheaper boards and hack it away to suit your needs.

If you have a serial port you'll enjoy Bhasha.co.cc 's serial Freeduino boards.

I've personally tried all these boards and none of them are second to best in terms of build quality. With experience you'll start making your own shields, programming cheaper ICs (like atmega8L) and making your own custom PCBs with Arduino.


Ok....Ok... you can buy from us as well...both the real arduinos and clones along with shields and stuff. Check out our website


I hope you haven't tried the induino? or have you? If you have i would love to have a feedback.

All the bold, caps and highlighting of keywords... may google bless you ;)

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@pracas: Glad to see a Chennai based online-elec-store, 'cause I'm from Chennai too!  Will definitely hop into your shop and check it out.


Glad to see a Chennai based online-elec-store, 'cause I'm from Chennai too!  Will definitely hop into your shop and check it out

Great! Welcome!
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I'm from Bangalore, India and am just starting to study microcontrollers.
Decided to start off with Arduino as my first platform.

Can someone suggest me which board to go for ? I'm looking for a low cost option.

It just needs to be compatible with the arduino software.


you can check out the induino
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Thanks for the info.

And yeah, is it possible to drop-in replace the ATMega328 with an ATMega8L and keep compatibility with software and hardware ? (obviously for less demanding code).


Absolutely yes. I used help from this site

And so if you've got an FTDI breakout board, you can now make an arduino board for under Rs. 80 !

  • atmega8L runs at 8MHz not 16. So if you want to use it with an existing board, replace your crystal and your boards.txt settings.
  • If you don't like startup time and/or the ~2Kb space the bootloader takes, you can burn your Arduino programs directly onto the chip using an external programmer. My favourite method.


This is not advisable, but I've noticed that atmega8L manages to run at 16MHz at 5V. Pop out that atmega328 and give 8L a try. With the fuses set to use an external crystal of course.
You still need to make changes to the software and burn an appropriate bootloader to the 8L chip. Be careful not to overwrite your atmega328's bootloader.

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