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Hi all, when I have a sketch open in the IDE, and I open a different sketch ( *.ino ) file, the IDE opens a second instance of the currently open sketch as well as a new instance for the sketch I just opened.

Anybody else notice this?

I use windows 7 and IDE 1.0
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Nope - Not seen that.


Not here either on Win 7 & v1.0 IDE or Win XP & v1.0 IDE



There a couple of ways to do what I said in my first post, but there is only 1 which causes this. The steps I took are as follows.

1. Start with no IDE instances open.
2. Open IDE from start menu or short cut ( not .ino or .pde ), so it opens an empty new sketch.
3. Use the GUI button 'Open' to select one of the recently used sketches.
At this point only one instance is running with the selected sketch open.
4. Find a .ino file anywhere on your computer, click to open it.
Now you have two copies of the first sketch open and one newly opened sketch.

It happens every time.
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OK. Now I can reproduce it. Never used the open icon before. Handy. I didn't know I could get at a recent file list since it wasn't in the menus.

I can reproduce this in Win 7 & XP using Arduino IDE v1.0



Feb 19, 2012, 06:46 pm Last Edit: Feb 19, 2012, 06:48 pm by pYro_65 Reason: 1
Its not a recently used sketch list. It is a folder listing of the sketch directory.
That is my wording mistake.

Cheers for testing, I have run into this a fair bit, but only recently did a camel use a short straw to do some crack, so I had to post a...post to see if I was the only one.
Forum Mod anyone?


I get multiple instances of IDE also. Beyond that, I have to check the board selection, programmer, port and ISP in each instance of the open sketch. I use a lot of ATTinys, mostly X4 and X5, plus the ArduinoISP. To load the ArduinoISP, I need to reset the board to Uno, load the ISP sketch, then select an ATTiny sketch, which pops up in a new window. Then change the board to ATTiny85 and load the sketch. Even though I selected Uno on the first sketch, the board change on the second sketch affects the first. If I go back to the first sketch, I have to change the board back to Uno.

I'd like to see the board selection. programmer and port tied to the sketch, rather than a global set of variables.


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